The INTERSECT announces a Requests for Proposals in which we are looking for 1-2 artists (or art teams) to provide community engaging art at 2 locations on and near the new Northloop bike path connection in Minneapolis on our building. We are seeking artists to design and install art that creates a sense of arrival to the location and area, and for the bike ramp and our building to be a canvas for public art. The art installations are to commence and to be completed Spring/Summer 2023.

Submissions due December 31, 2022.
The awards will be notified late winter (January/February 2023), with commencement of art installation in Spring/Summer 2023.

Artists must complete the entry form, which includes a template for depicting their proposed designs for the wall at the pedestrian ramp facing the bike path and the green wall on the building at the path connection to the street level.  Design proposals should be positive, original, colorful and appropriate for all viewing audiences with visual evocations of landscapes, past events, objects, structures or people, that can create images to preserve the past and assist with slacken decay and the inevitable ravages of time.  Design proposals should also reflect a representation of the area, of the river, and a desire to drive people up to the shops and restaurants by letting them know where they are on the bike path and have arrived (e.g. Northloop).

The green living wall design proposals should include the use of metal shapes or cables to create dimension for the green wall to crawl up and grow around.

Special note:

The desired accent color for the requests for proposals is “96C/84M/2Y/0K | PANTONE 7687C”
The “BLUE” accent color should be tied into the art if and when possible.

At the closing of the deadline, the INTERSECT will be asking the community to cast their vote for the selected showcase of design proposals to help determine the winners. The community voting will be completed on our website with QR code access. The winners will be notified of the award and scheduled to commence and complete the art installations in the Spring/Summer of 2023. The INTERSECT will provide a working budget of $10,000, for each installation, for the materials and compensation provided to the artists for their awarded design proposals; because material costs may change, the budget may be evaluated based on actual material costs at the time of installation of the proposed concept. INTERSECT will provide engineering, practical design, or construction assistance (if required) at no cost to the artist.

About INTERSECT and Crowe Companies

INTERSECT is a 96-unit mixed use development by Crowe Companies located at 316 2nd Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Crowe Companies is committed to expand access to walkable and bikeable places, climate resiliency through forward-thinking design, diverse communities that incorporate local art, and indistinguishable and integrated affordable housing.

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By signing below and submitting this form, I attest that the concept I'm submitting is mine and I understand that my concept entry(s); will be publicly displayed and critiqued in print, online, and other media, and my submission does not guarantee acceptance. I have read and understood the “Community Engaging Art Call” that was provided for review by Intersect. Any design submitted becomes the sole property of Intersect and its affiliates into perpetuity. Intersect and its affiliates reserve the right to suspend, change the timeline, details, or cancel the art call for any reason.